About Being One of the Biggest and One of the Greatest!

About Being One of the Biggest and One of the Greatest!

May 27 2019

Yes, Warrior Martial Arts Academy has one of the biggest Competition Teams in the DFW area. And yes, we win lots of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments. But friends, remember that we started small. Warrior Martial Arts Academies launched in 2013 and we grew our Competition Team to the scale it is today.

Just a bit of history: our team started about as small as you can get. Our first Competition Team had two kids that we took to Oklahoma for our first tournament (see photo of Julian and Karson). We just went to fight. No team rash guards. No patches. Just these kids with heart and drive and fearless determination. On that day, EVERY team was bigger than ours, but it didn’t stop us.

We are proud of our team and how large it’s grown and we are lucky to be part of a BJJ community that is thriving in Dallas. We have adults and kids competing at every level and they all take home their share of Gold medals, thus proving that you CAN have high quality at a large scale. These two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Anyone with any familiarity at the national or international levels of large, successful organizations is aware of this.

Also remember: We’re a Mixed Martial Arts program. We teach much more than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Though we are extremely successful in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition community, we actually have a much wider variety of classes for our child and adult students. Many of our kids AND adults that frequently stand atop the BJJ podiums ALSO train in Wrestling and Muay Thai. As such, we will continue to build our Instructor Team with excellent Muay Thai, BJJ and Wrestling practitioners who CARE about whether the students are getting the best EXPERIENCE possible (win or lose). The BEST part is that we still have LOTS of cool things happening, new programs we are creating and new Instructors coming on board! Stay tuned!

Ok enough about that! It’s time to offer a slightly belated congratulations to our Competition Team for WINNING the AGF Dallas Spring Classic in Kids Gi!!

These kids fought their hearts out and we could not be more proud to have them wear our patches!!