C. Chandler

Aug 26 2020

Both of our sons have been taking Mixed Martial Arts at Warrior Martial Arts for several years now and we can’t say enough good things about the entire staff and their program. While the goals for each are different, I know they are both receiving the best training possible while the instructors instill the necessary skills for them to become leaders that display discipline, confidence and respect in any situation.

Both boys have grown so much while at Warrior. They are much more confident and respectful, and have improved their overall athletic abilities across a number of different sports. The staff works really hard to come up with fun and creative ways to keep all the students engaged, so much so I have a feeling the kids often don’t even know that’s what they are doing. Best of all, Warrior Martial Arts is creating a family environment where our boys have created lifelong friends through the various “social” activities offered to us.